How to Shoot a Killer Video Ad to Convert More Customers

Video marketing is clearly a big thing and many companies are only now beginning to focus on that. To make things work, however, you will need to really apply yourself, or if you are a customer – to pick the correct company.

However, in this case, let’s assume that you are going to be the person or agency shooting the awesome SEO video you were ordered to do to drive traffic to the company website. What are the key tenets that would generate the best conversion rates for you? Well, they are not so different than what you are already used to, so let’s get started and make sure that you are in the know.

#1 Make Sure the Audience Is Targeted

Most videos flop because their audience is not targeted. It’s really that simple – you have a product and you know who wants to buy it. Please, don’t try to sell it to someone who has zero interest. Yes, something might seem a good idea, but many good ideas are just voluntarily saying – well, I don’t really want to bother with coming up with an idea that fits.

Therefore, a good idea will have to do.

#2 Quality of Production

While many people think that they should be shooting with the best cameras out there, this is not true at all. What you need is to make sure that your video has composition. There should be a message that must be pleasant to watch.

Do you think it’s difficult to shoot a quality video? You could use a bunch of mono-colored backgrounds and that will cut the trick for you. Don’t make your video look cheap, but don’t let it be too expensive in your purse.

#3 Find Cool Topics

There are many cool topics out there – whatever you are advertising, you got to make sure that it strikes home with your target audience. But you also need to add something extra – something that will make it really get out there and totally make the cut for you.

You want a well-stylized video that will allow you to enjoy yourself and show the audience why it’s a great idea to watch you or choose your product.

#4 Everything Can Be Great

So you are in locksmithing? What’s cooler than that! You can create many cool video concepts that will immediately capture the imagination and senses of your target audience. Tell everyone why it’s a good idea to check out get locksmith right away and don’t hesitate to suggest to your audience why you are good and capable.

Locksmiths can be quite fun and intriguing. Don’t be too lengthy, of course – pique the imagination and results will follow out of their own accord, which is awesome.

#5 Don’t Do Long Videos

When it comes to video length, you should definitely go a bit short. There are multiple reasons to do that – for starters, you will immediately notice that it costs less money, but there is another – more important – upside. Let’s face it: nobody wants to spend too much time watching a commercial video.

Yes, you could do the best and most accomplished commercial video there is, but even then, you will notice that the majority of people are just reluctant to commit. And so, you will need to keep it short, sweet and right to the point there.

Looking for something great? We believe you can pull off a few great stunts indeed!

#6 Advertise Like a Pro – Look Up the Language

Just like regular SEO, your video should serve one single purpose only – answer as many trending questions as you can. What you need to do is very simple. Just see what is currently the most searched thing on Google and let your marketing agency work their magic. The resulting product should bring you traffic and conversions and the upside will be quite self-explanatory: profit.

Profit means that you can start a perpetual circle of smart video advertising that will lead to better conversions and bigger traffic.

#7 Accept It’s Always a Gamble

A great video will have some results – up to a point, but even then you must acknowledge that there is some gambling involved. You will never know what happens next and whether a video will get picked up. This is what makes some brands to feel very uncertain, but the truth is that as long as you have cool and researched phrases to advertise, plus some cool execution, your video is very likely to take a break.

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