3 Tips For Creating Killer YouTube Videos

Unless you have been living under a rock so far, you must be familiar with the absolute craze that has taken over the online world. We are, of course, talking about YouTube and the fresh generation of content creators that are constantly blowing up our feeds with new videos. YouTubers, influencers, YouTube celebs – call them whatever you want. They’re random individuals – usually teens and young adults – who’ve managed to turn their video-posting hobbies into genuine careers. They do make-up tutorials, clean with me videos, morning and night routines, they film themselves throughout the day and make vlogs, play games live or do mukbangs, ASMR videos or comedy sketches. Anything that is remotely entertaining, controversial or interesting enough to watch will most likely turn into an idea for a future video. The most successful YouTubers gather millions of viewers and subscribers and they are using YouTube’s launchpad for stars and celebs to their best interests. Their collabs with known brands bring them the big money and companies have every reason to want to associate with them. Names like Shane Dawson, PewDiePie or Casey Neistat are, without a doubt, no stranger to most of you reading this.video camera

If you are running your own business and you would like to personally harness the power of this amazingly powerful platform, these next five tips should come in handy.

Tip #1: Take Advantage Of YouTube’s Huge Potential

With more than one billion users to direct your marketing efforts on and large numbers of 18-49 yo audience members eager to see what you have to say, you have every reason to use the platform as a way of marketing your new business online. The truth is no other platform has managed to trigger such wealth up until now and its recent evolution towards it being a marketing tool is great for building a larger audience. Monetization, however, may now come from more product placement than ever, in other words, focus on providing your viewers with more off-site products.

If you are more interested in marketing your online business more effectively, you should focus on creating top, inspiring and undeniably good quality content. If you were to promote a roulette-focused casino page like this one here https://www.australia-casino.org/roulette, for example, you could create videos with real-time games of roulette played in front of the camera. Offer tips and tricks and reveal your genuine reactions throughout the gameplay, especially when reviewing new game variants from different software providers or fresh casinos. People love raw reactions, no matter if they are positive or negative. Focus on being as genuine and unbiased as possible – your viewers and subscribers are going to love it.

Tip #2: Collaborate With Known YouTubers

People love to follow YouTube creators during the day/week and see what products they use and what activities they engage in. Create collaboration videos with local YouTubers who are starting to grow their following and have them try out your products or services. David Dobrik, one of YouTube’s most loved vloggers is constantly collaborating with SeatGeek, a company that has issued an app that allows users to buy tickets to thousands of events in the easiest way possible, online. Dobrik constantly promotes the app throughout his vlogs and the company rewards him with large amounts of money he then uses to buy expensive cars for his friends – thus creating fresh and exciting content that brings in more views and creates a positive image for the brand.

Tip #3: Carefully Plan All Your Videos

Think hard about the reason why you are about to create a new video. You could be either trying to teach a skill or present an idea through an educational video, raise awareness on a topic with a news or react type of video or spark a powerful emotion in your audience.

Carefully target your audience and create a script, if needed. Prepare a budget if you plan on using various tools, you need to travel or pay someone to help you promote your video or create your content. Decide upon the best location for shooting the video and also upon the way the video will be shot. If you have no experience shooting or editing a video yourself, make sure you hire some pros for it.

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